hopsFood Flavors

CO2-extracts represent the natural flavor profile of the raw, herbal material almost perfectly and are free of germs and solvent residues. CO2-extracts from Entourage Flavors bring the fresh and natural flavor to your baked goods, milk products, beverages and more.


CO2-extracts of chamomile, calendula, seabuckthorn as well as rosemary antioxidants and specialty fatty oils are widely used as bio-active components in skincare creams, sunscreens, skin oils, shampoos and body milk products. Rosemary and Sage Antioxidants have besides their antioxidative efficacy also approved antibacterial and anti-aging activity.

Natural Remedies

The selectivity and versatility of the CO2-extraction process are key factors for the production of extracts with a high concentration of active lipophilic compounds while preserving the natural character simultaneously. Examples are ginger extracts with up to 50 % gingerols, sage extracts with up to 40 % diterpene phenols, St. John´s wort extracts with up to 50 % hyperforins. CO2-extracts are setting new standards in the field of natural remedies.